New Release: Unit 14 Nomenclature Part B & Unit 15 Conjugation and Aromaticity are now available for purchase through the site. You can purchase the Semester 1 book for $40 at the Organic Chemistry Stores (W1-22) of the University of Alberta.

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Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 1

Learn organic chemistry easily with the semester 1 book. It has concise explanations, sample problems, and solutions. Test Your Knowledge problems are useful and all solutions are included. You can start from the beginning or learn a single unit. Get the paper book, Kindle, or single PDF units.

Buy it for $40 with an 18% discount at the University of Alberta Organic Chemistry Stores (W1-22).

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A Personal Note from the Author

I am proud to introduce you to my new guides to organic chemistry. I was a award-winning lecturer for 28 years at both the University of Utah and University of Alberta. As textbook prices skyrocketed I developed a reasonably-priced notes package that gave crystal-clear, concise and logical explanations for this complex subject. I also created targeted and relevant problems with detailed answers that explained how to solve the problems. These note packages were very popular even with students in other classes. My classes were always full and wait-listed. Students commented on how surprisingly easy it was to learn organic chemistry. I have transformed my notes packages into these low-cost books. They give you a clear and stress-free path to beat the curve in organic chemistry.

Dr. Christine Brzezowski
Retired Chemistry Lecturer

My Students Weigh In

One of the greatest prof's I've ever had! Notes were amazing and her explanations made everything make more sense. She bluntly told you what mechanisms you needed to remember for the final exam. I would have loved to have her for 263.

One of the best chemistry professors at U of A! Loved her clear explanations and book of notes. I would have loved to have her for CHEM 263, but unfortunately FALL2016 is her last term.

Definitely one of the best profs at uofa. Sucks how she's leaving this term i really wanted to take chem263 with her and so did many others. Her quiz and exams are very fair if you study. Her notes are ver clear. Do the problem sets and you're set for a very good grade! literally not taking 263 next term just in case she comes back next year lol.

Brzezowski made organic chemistry as easy as she possibly could. Her book of notes was succinct so no textbook was needed. The questions on her tests were straight from the problem sets. Her dark sense of humour made lectures much more enjoyable. Such a shame that she's leaving after this term; would have loved to have her as a prof for CHEM 263.

Upcoming Book Release

Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 2

The semester 2 book comes out in August 2024. Get the paper book, the Kindle or individual PDF units. It has the same proven and effective format as the semester 1 book. Many people struggle with semester 2 because it is primarily reaction based and there are a lot of reactions. This book logically, clearly and efficiently explains the reaction mechanisms so you are understanding how organic chemistry really works and not just memorizing individual random reactions. Once you understand how molecules like to react it suddenly becomes easy to know all those reactions and you can beat the curve with much less effort.

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