New Release: Unit 14 Nomenclature Part B & Unit 15 Conjugation and Aromaticity are now available for purchase through the site. You can purchase the Semester 1 book for $40 at the Organic Chemistry Stores (W1-22) of the University of Alberta.

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New Release

Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 1

I designed Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 1 to concisely, logically and efficiently show you how organic chemistry structure and mechanism really work. Spend less time and get a better grade. This book is also valuable to give you a head start for Semester 2 if you didn’t do very well in Semester 1 or took it long ago. Buy individual units (PDF) here or the entire book on Amazon.

Paper and Kindle book available on Amazon.

Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 1 Book Cover

Upcoming Book Release (August 2024)

Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 2

Organic Chemistry Semester 2 continues with the same concise and logical development of topics in the 1st book. Learn a few mechanisms (and exactly how they work) to master the large number of reactions that are the core of 2nd semester. With this book you will find semester 2 even easier than semester 1. Spend less time and effort while you get a better grade.