New Release: Unit 14 Nomenclature Part B & Unit 15 Conjugation and Aromaticity are now available for purchase through the site. You can purchase the Semester 1 book for $40 at the Organic Chemistry Stores (W1-22) of the University of Alberta.

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Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 1

Note: You can buy it for $40 with an 18% discount at the University of Alberta Organic Chemistry Stores (W1-22).

The first 5 units give you a superb understanding of structure and bonding. It starts from carbon and hydrogen atoms and logically builds until you understand how organic molecules are bonded, the different ways to draw them and how to name them accurately. You also get an excellent understanding of molecules in 3-dimensions in the conformation and stereochemistry units. The rest of the book is about reactivity, reactions and mechanisms based on electron-pushing. Once you understand how and why molecules like to react it becomes easy to learn all the essential reactions of alkyl halides, alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, ethers and epoxides. You are spending much less time studying and doing much better in your class. And you will find semester 2 to be even easier than semester 1 because you understand how organic chemistry works.

  • Unit 1 Structure, Bonding and Drawing
  • Unit 2 Functional Groups and Physical Properties
  • Unit 3 Nomenclature
  • Unit 4 Conformations
  • Unit 5 Stereochemistry
  • Unit 6 How Molecules React: Resonance, Energetics,
    Acids and Bases
  • Unit 7 Alkyl Halides: SN2/E2 and SN1/E1 Reactions
  • Unit 8 Alkenes
  • Unit 9 Alkynes
  • Unit 10 Alcohols
  • Unit 11 Ethers and Epoxides
  • Unit 12 A Short Introduction to Multistep Synthesis
  • Answers To Test Your Knowledge Problems

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Organic Chemistry Confidential Semester 1 Book Cover

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