New Release: Unit 14 Nomenclature Part B & Unit 15 Conjugation and Aromaticity are now available for purchase through the site. You can purchase the Semester 1 book for $40 at the Organic Chemistry Stores (W1-22) of the University of Alberta.

Dr. B Reviews & Testimonials

This book is a super valuable resource for anyone learning organic chemistry. I used it throughout the semester and found that Dr. Brzezowski has a unique ability to communicate confusing concepts very clearly. I would recommend this book to everyone who finds organic chemistry challenging!

This book is the reason I finished Organic Chemistry 1 with an A. It provides clear and concise explanations for every concept you'll be tested on. Best of all, the sample questions have worked solutions with step-by-step instructions. So by the end, you know the answer, and you have an instruction manual walking you through exactly how to get there. In summary, this book breaks down an intimidating class into something entirely doable.

I was always told that organic chemistry would be the hardest course I’d take. Dr. Brewoski’s book helped me tremendously during my second semester. The topics were so clear and the extra problem sets with answers solidified my understanding. I highly recommend it to all my students now and anyone else who wants to brush up their knowledge of organic chemistry.

I had a friend give me the first book and it’s been a lifesaver, has the semester two book been released?

This book is fantastic and the reason I finished organic chemistry with an A! I’m just waiting on Dr. B to release Part 2 as I’ll be the first customer!

Anyone willing to sell/give/lend this profs 261 note package, I will love you forever. I have no idea what I am doing in this class, and I need all the help I can get. She's no longer a prof at the UofA so her book is no longer available anywhere!

for Chem 261 go with Brzezowski she's awesome and one of the best Chem teachers at the university. Know a previous comment has mentioned this but make sure to grab her notes book (actually even if you don't get her as a prof buy the book) it's 20 bucks and it's not only great as concise notes, but the practice questions will be very similar to her exams. That being said make sure to take notes, she'll drop little bits of info not in the book for her exams. Also because she provides such good review material, her curve (when I took her class mind you) tends to be kinda high, so prepare accordingly.

If you have the option i'd switch into Brzezowski's class. Honestly I just think she does a really good job of making it easier and less time consuming to learn the material.

If you decide to go with Williams, it's a good idea see if you have any friends in brezowskis and ask them to send you her questions, that's what I did! Williams did provide us with Dr. B's notes as a supplement which was nice.

There is virtually no stereochemistry in 263 (except like 5 reactions). Mostly just reactions and mechanisms. If you understand the fundamental reasoning for why stuff happen (if possible, get Dr.Brzezowski's notes), it gets a lot easier.